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At JB Networks Inc, we service every element of Information Technology (IT) in a business environment.  We can also assist home users with computer repair and maintenance.  



Our first introduction to many clients is out of their need for repair.  Servers, PC's, Wiring and other IT infrastructure can eventually have maintenance needs.  Although we always like meeting new clients, you don't have to wait until something breaks to use our services.  


The majority of our work with business clients  falls under the category of consulting.  

Managed Services


Managed services is a bit cliche in the IT world these days, but we can help simplify the concept for your business.  The goal is to monitor your IT assets instead of just waiting for things to break.  

Home Automation


We are a Control4 Certified dealer of high-end home automation and control systems.  Our systems allow you to integrate your lights, audio, video, blinds, HVAC, security and door locks.  If you are building a home, you need to consider a home automation system to allow for energy efficiency, convenience and ease of use.  

Telephone Systems


We are certified installers of Panasonic Communication systems, including traditional and IP based telephone systems.  We also install open-source based Asterisk PBX systems.  We have worked with clients who have as little as 1 phone and as many as hundreds.  

Video Surveillance


We install both traditional analog video surveillance systems and more modern IP based camera systems.  We can handle everything from the design, wiring and installation.  

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